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com·pat·i·bil·i·ty noun a state in which two things are able to exist or occur together without problem or conflict. a feeling of sympathy and friendship; like-mindedness. … We must start with an important truth—there are two kinds of compatibility. And I might be being a presumptuous D-hole, but I’m under the impression that when the […]

via The Secret to Long-Term Compatibility in Dating and Marriage Isn’t How Alike We Are — Must Be This Tall To Ride


Hago presente la denuncia de abuso de confianza, robo a casa habitación, complicidad para despojo,  daño en propiedad ajena a MICAELA MENDOZA , alias “Mariana” en Facebook, que junto con su novio, ha robado a 5 familias, objetos como los siguientes:

+monedas de plata

+calculadora solar unisonic

+2 engrapadoras de oficina

+$500 pesos mexicanos en efectivo

+50 playeras de mujer

+10 pares de zapatos de mujer

+Bote de vitaminas para uso deportivo

+Bote de colageno para restauración de la salud

+2 relojes

+3 kilos de aguacate criollo

+3 litros de salsa takera

Esto solo en el inmueble propiedad de la familia RICO GARCIA.

Sirva este texto , como base para su denuncia civil y penal, para esta familia afectada por las acciones de esta persona, Así como para las otras familias, dañadas.


18 DE JULIO 2017.


+ couple

Why not crowdsource THE ULTIMATE RELATIONSHIP GUIDE TO END ALL RELATIONSHIP GUIDES™ from the sea of smart and savvy partners and lovers here?


1. Be together for the right reasons


Some of these wrong reasons included:

  • Pressure from friends and family
  • Feeling like a “loser” because they were single and settling for the first person that came along
  • Being together for image—because the relationshiplooked good on paper (or in photos), not because the two people actually admired each other
  • Being young and naive and hopelessly in love and thinking that love would solve everything

Without that mutual admiration, everything else will unravel.

2. Have realistic expectations about relationships and romance

True love—that is, deep, abiding love that is impervious to emotional whims or fancy—is a choice. It’s a constant commitment to a person regardless of the present circumstances. It’s a commitment to a person who you understand isn’t going to always make you happy—nor should they!—and a person who will need to rely on you at times, just as you will rely on them. That form of love is much harder. Primarily because it often doesn’t feel very good. It’s unglamorous. It’s lots of early morning doctor’s visits. It’s cleaning up bodily fluids you’d rather not be cleaning up. It’s dealing with another person’s insecurities and fears and ideas, even when you don’t want to.

But this form of love is also far more satisfying and meaningful. And, at the end of the day, it brings true happiness, not just another series of highs. This conditionality prevents any true, deep-level intimacy from emerging and chains the relationship to the bucking throes of each person’s internal dramas.


3. The most important factor in a relationship is not communication, but respect

  • NEVER talk shit about your partner or complain about them to your friends. If you have a problem with your partner, you should be having that conversationwith them, not with your friends. Talking bad about them will erode your respect for them and make you feel worse about being with them, not better.
  • Respect that they have different hobbies, interests, and perspectives from you. Just because you would spend your time and energy differently, doesn’t mean it’s better/worse.
  • Respect that they have an equal say in the relationship, that you are a team, and if one person on the team is not happy, then the team is not succeeding.
  • No secrets. If you’re really in this together and you respect one another, everything should be fair game. Have a crush on someone else? Discuss it. Laugh about it. Had a weird sexual fantasy that sounds ridiculous? Be open about it. Nothing should be off-limits.

Respect goes hand-in-hand with trust. And trust is the lifeblood of any relationship (romantic or otherwise). Without trust, there can be no sense of intimacy or comfort. Without trust, your partner will become a liability in your mind, something to be avoided and analyzed, not a protective homebase for your heart and your mind.



4. Talk openly about everything, especially the stuff that hurts


There can be no secrets. Secrets divide you. Always.

But trust goes much deeper than that. Because when you’re really talking about the long-haul, you start to get into some serious life-or-death shit. If you ended up with cancer tomorrow, would you trust your partner to stick with you and take care of you? Would you trust your partner to care for your child for a week by themselves? Do you trust them to handle your money or make sound decisions under pressure? Do you trust them to not turn on you or blame you when you make mistakes?

There’s an old Ben Folds song where he sings, “It seems to me if you cannot trust, you cannot be trusted.” Distrust has a tendency to breed distrust. If your partner is always snooping through your stuff, accusing you of doing things you didn’t do, and questioning all of your decisions, naturally, you will start to question their intentions as well—Why is she so insecure? What if she is hiding something herself?

The key to fostering and maintaining trust in the relationship is for both partners to be completely transparent and vulnerable:

  • If something is bothering you, say something. This is important not only for addressing issues as they arise, but it proves to your partner that you have nothing to hide.
  • Those icky, insecure things you hate sharing with people? Share them with your partner. Not only is it healing, but you and your partner need to have a good understanding of each other’s insecurities and the way you each choose to compensate for them.
  • Make promises and thenstick to them. The only way to truly rebuild trust after it’s been broken is through a proven track record over time. You cannot build that track record until you own up to previous mistakes and set about correcting them.
  • Learn to discern your partner’s own shady behavior from your own insecurities (and vice-versa).



5. A healthy relationship means two healthy individuals

Understand that it is up to you to make yourself happy, it is NOT the job of your spouse. It is not their responsibility. Figure out as individuals what makes you happy as an individual, be happy yourself, then you each bring that to the relationship



6. Give each other space


Have your own interests, your own friends, your own support network, and your own hobbies.

Some people are afraid to give their partner freedom and independence

7. You and your partner will grow and change in unexpected ways; embrace it

One theme that came up repeatedly, especially with those married 20+ years, was how much each individual changes as the decades roll on, and how ready each of you have to be to embrace the other partner as these changes occur. One reader commented that at her wedding, an elderly family member told her, “One day many years from now, you will wake up and your spouse will be a different person, make sure you fall in love with that person too.

It logically follows that if there is a bedrock of respect for each individual’s interest and values underpinning the relationship, and each individual is encouraged to foster their own growth and development, that each person will, as time goes on, evolve in different and unexpected ways. It’s then up to the couple to communicate and make sure that they are consistently a) aware of the changes going on in their partner, and b) continually accepting and respecting those changes as they occur

Amazingly, these couples survived because their respect for each other allowed them to adapt and allow each person to continue to flourish and grow.

When you commit to someone, you don’t actually know who you’re committing to.


8. Get good at fighting

The relationship is a living, breathing thing. Much like the body and muscles, it cannot get stronger without stress and challenge. You have to fight. You have to hash things out. Obstacles make the marriage.

  1. Criticizing your partner’s character (“You’re so stupid” vs “That thing you did was stupid”)
  2. Defensiveness (or basically, blame shifting, “I wouldn’t have done that if you weren’t late all the time”)
  3. Contempt (putting down your partner and making them feel inferior)
  4. Stonewalling (withdrawing from an argument and ignoring your partner)
  1. Never insult or name-call your partner. Put another way: hate the sin, love the sinner. Gottman’s research found that “contempt”—belittling and demeaning your partner—is the number one predictor of divorce.
  2. Do not bring previous fights/arguments into current ones. This solves nothing and just makes the fight twice as bad as it was before. Yeah, you forgot to pick up groceries on the way home, but what does him being rude to your mother last Thanksgiving have to do with anything?
  3. If things get too heated, take a breather. Remove yourself from the situation and come back once emotions have cooled off a bit. This is a big one for me personally—sometimes when things get intense with my wife, I get overwhelmed and just leave for a while. I usually walk around the block two or three times and let myself seethe for about 15 minutes. Then I come back and we’re both a bit calmer and we can resume the discussion with a much more conciliatory tone.
  4. Remember that being “right” is not as important as both people feeling respected and heard. You may be right, but if you are right in such a way that makes your partner feel unloved, then there’s no real winner.


9. Get good at forgiving

When you end up being right about something—shut up. You can be right and be quiet at the same time. Your partner will already know you’re right and will feel loved knowing that you didn’t wield it like a bastard sword. In marriage, there’s no such thing as winning an argument.


  • When an argument is over, it’s over. Some couples went as far as to make this the golden rule in their relationship. When you’re done fighting, it doesn’t matter who was right and who was wrong, it doesn’t matter if someone was mean and someone was nice. It’s over. It’s in the past. And you both agree to leave it there, not bring it up every month for the next three years.
  • There’s no scoreboard. No one is trying to “win” here. There’s no, “You owe me this because you screwed up the laundry last week.” There’s no, “I’m always right about financial stuff, so you should listen to me.” There’s no, “I bought her three gifts and she only did me one favor.” Everything in the relationship is given and done unconditionally—that is: without expectation or manipulation.
  • When your partner screws up, you separate the intentions from the behavior. You recognize the things you love and admire in your partner and understand that he/she was simply doing the best that they could, yet messed up out of ignorance. Not because they’re a bad person. Not because they secretly hate you and want to divorce you. Not because there’s somebody else in the background pulling them away from you. They are a good person. That’s why you are with them. If you ever lose your faith in that, then you will begin to erode your faith in yourself.


And finally, pick your battles wisely. You and your partner only have so many fucks to give, make sure you both are saving them for the real things that matter.



10. The little things add up to big things


Children are worshipped in our culture these days. Parents are expected to sacrifice everything for them. But the best way to raise healthy and happy kids is to maintain a healthy and happy marriage. Good kids don’t make a good marriage. A good marriage makes good kids. So keep your marriage the top priority.

Readers implored to maintain regular “date nights,” to plan weekend getaways and to make time for sex, even when you’re tired, even when you’re stressed and exhausted and the baby is crying, even when Junior has soccer practice at 5:30am the next day. Make time for it. It’s worth it.



11. Sex matters… a LOT


And you know how you know if you or her are slipping? Sex starts to slide. Period. No other test required

This was reiterated to me hundreds of times in the emails. The nature of the sex itself varied quite a bit among couples—some couples take sexual experimentation seriously, others are staunch believers in frequency, others get way into fantasies—but the underlying principle was the same everywhere: both partners should be sexually satisfied as often as possible. But sex not only keeps the relationship healthy, many readers suggested that they use it to heal their relationships.

A few people even said that when things start to feel stale in the relationship, they agree to have sex every day for a week. Then, as if by magic, by the next week, they feel great again.



12. Be practical, and create relationship rules

There is no 50/50 in housecleaning, child rearing, vacation planning, dishwasher emptying, gift buying, dinner making, money making, etc. The sooner everyone accepts that, the happier everyone is. We all have things we like to do and hate to do; we all have things we are good at and not so good at. TALK to your partner about those things when it comes to dividing and conquering all the crap that has to get done in life

It’s economics 101: division of labor makes everyone better off. Figure out what you are each good at, what you each love/hate doing, and then arrange accordingly One person even said that she and her husband have “annual reviews” every year. She immediately told me not to laugh, but that she was serious. They have annual reviews where they discuss everything that’s going on in the household that they like and don’t like and what they can do in the coming year to change it.

13. Learn to ride the waves


ou can work through anything as long as you are not destroying yourself or each other. That means emotionally, physically, financially, or spiritually. Make nothing off limits to discuss. Never shame or mock each other for the things you do that make you happy. Write down why you fell in love and read it every year on your anniversary (or more often). Write love letters to each other often. Make each other first. When kids arrive, it will be easy to fall into a frenzy of making them the only focus of your life…do not forget the love that produced them. You must keep that love alive and strong to feed them love. Spouse comes first. Each of you will continue to grow. Bring the other one with you. Be the one that welcomes that growth. Don’t think that the other one will hold the relationship together. Both of you should assume it’s up to you so that you are both working on it. Be passionate about cleaning house, preparing meals, and taking care of your home. This is required of everyone daily, make it fun and happy and do it together. Do not complain about your partner to anyone. Love them for who they are. Make love even when you are not in the mood. Trust each other. Give each other the benefit of the doubt always. Be transparent. Have nothing to hide. Be proud of each other. Have a life outside of each other, but share it through conversation. Pamper and adore each other. Go to counseling now before you need it so that you are both open to working on the relationship together. Disagree with respect to each other’s feelings. Be open to change and accepting of differences. Print this and refer to it daily.




Humano, eres responsable de la deforestación de tus selvas y bosques, para una ganancia rápida por extraer oro, uranio y petroleo.

Humano eres responsable de la masacre de millones de compañeros, animales, para surtir una industria alimenticia, llena de miedo.

Humano , eres responsable de los derrames de líquidos venenosos en ríos y lagos, para sacar gas y metales preciosos, al precio de la salud de las comunidades cercanas.

Humano, eres responsable de tragar comida chatarra , que daña todo el proceso de crecimiento natural de cada región, con tal de llenarte de algo artificial, como la ansiedad.

Humano, eres responsable de bombardear otras regiones, por codicia de unos pocos banqueros, mediante una campaña de farsa, que no tiene nada de libertad ni justicia.

Humano, eres responsable de la apatía que simulas en tu esclavitud diaria, para no comprometerte en causas dignas como la nutrición, el bienestar y la vida,  por estar apantallado y distraído por juegos en gadgets y pantallas.

Humano, eres responsable de mantener a políticos corruptos jueces perezosos, industriales voraces, obispos abusadores y uniformados violentos, por mantener esa inercia, esa anestesia de apatía.

Humano, eres responsable de tratar a la Naturaleza, como un objeto desechable y de idolatrar a los objetos artificiales de plástico, metal y vidrio, como si fueran “mágicos”, pues estos te hacen pensar menos.

Humano, eres responsable de consumir  aquello que los medios de comunicación, te persuaden y te controlan para decirte que y quienes son los buenos, en lugar de pensar y convivir con tu familia y amigos, sin esta manipulación.

Humano, eres responsable del canibalismo presente en las familias , que por codicia de un recurso artificial , pone en riesgo a la vida , la honestidad y el coraje de vivir intensamente, por una  falsa vanidad.

Eres responsable de la contaminación , de la violencia, de la extnción, de tu propia extinción. Despierta….


pareja sana





Phrónesis*Walter Riso


Bienestar*Comunicación * crecimiento


Dr. Diego Castrillón,  describe los elementos de una relación sana, estable, creciente, en pareja.

  1. AMOR: La relación filial, eros y ágape. La relación existe y me quiere, compartir lo bueno, afecto, intercambio sano, ternura y satisfacción. El amor busca el bienestar ajeno, construyendo una historia de vida , comprometida. Ama sin renunciar a tu identidad, el amor saludable tiene 1 propósito. Supera el enamoramiento inicial, hacia una consolidación, una negociación digna, pactos claros. El amor consolidado acepta y madura, da esperanza. El falso “amor” tormentoso roba condiciones, quita la esperanza. Pactos claros sobre exparejas, amigas, política, recursos, ahorros,habilidades.


¿Ama a su pareja?¿se siente amado por ella?¿es más bienestar que tristeza?


  1. CONFIANZA: Ser uno mismo sin dañar a los demás. La indiferencia extermina lentamente; la desilusión extermina rápidamente. Detalles en el alma, protégete. ¿tienes secretos de pareja?¿esa información te haría daño?




3.TERNURA: Tiende puentes, mediante un trato suave, admiración, caricia, espontaneidad. Mirada cariñosa, expresión delicada. Sin condiciones, menos sexualidad, más abrazos.


¿te trata bien tu pareja?¿ hay suavidad en sus palabras y acciones mutuas?¿el buen trato , aumenta?


4.AMISTAD:Es tener el coraje de recogerlo ante el precipicio.Afinidad de valores y compromisos.

El verdadero amigo o amiga, comparten valores, propuestas y filosofía de vida. Tu mejor pareja, es tu mejor amiga.


¿platicas profundamente? ¿aprendes de las diferencias?¿

¿platican por horas?



  1. NOSOTROS: Ambos generan un proyecto conjunto, de movimiento, construcción y pertenencia. Solo 2 son más que cada uno.A veces, crece uno por separado, mientras que el otro , es animado a hacerlo. La construcción es viajar, aprender y formar un hogar. Es uno por si mismo y por la pareja.

¿Existe este pacto entre ustedes?¿tienen reglas claras del juego?¿ es un movimiento constante para la consolidación ¿existe esa sensación entre los 2? ¿Nosotros, es un proyecto conjunto?




  1. RESPETO: Para que me amen, como me amen. Hacia la construcción, mantenimiento en el respeto: amor.

Sin errores, es una perfección neurótica Las molestias continuas provocan tensiones.La autonomia y libertad, es diferente a la autoridad.


¿platican con respeto, en las decisiones que afectan a los2?

¿hay respeto mutuo? ¿escucha con respeto?



7.SEXUALIDAD. Es la expresión física del amor.

. El amor contiene quimica corporal  y sexual: el deseo, el olor, la mirada, el placer, el sabor de la piel. Es una conciliación, es sexo amable, que da placer y satisfacción.Sin rutinas, sin violencia.

La infidelidad es falta de confianza.



*exclusividad sexual y afectiva

*exclusividad sexual, inclusión afectiva

*exclusividad afectiva, inclusión sexual.

*Inclusión afectiva y sexual (poliamor)


Pactos y límites CLAROS.

¿te desea más que antes?

¿tienen fantasías conjuntas?

¿se desean con PASION?

¿experimentan la química sexual?



  1. COMUNICACIÓN Practicando la asertividad, siendo claro sin ser agresivo ni sumiso.Ser inteligente para ceder, sensato para negociar y estratégico sin reconocer.

Delicado, dedicado, respetuoso, sin acumular negatividad.

Pronto, proponer 1 acuerdo rápido , sin acusaciones.

Acuerdos duraderos, mutuos, claros , positivos.


¿te haces entender? ¿te haces escuchar?¿llegan a acuerdos, pronto?


Resolución de problemas:

*pronto y ahora.

*caso cerrado con seguridad psicológica

*Sin sobornos

*hablar con tranquilidad

*definir el problema actual

*sin referencias pasadas

9.INDEPENDENCIA como pareja, cada uno y de la familia.


Desde el enamoramiento a la consolidación, percibes intimidad y seguridad. Conservas la confidencialidad de tus temas y heridas.

Las decisiones tomadas a parte de la familia y amigos, sin intrusión.


¿tienes prudencia de la información privada?¿lealtad y límites?

¿tienes sensación de intimidad?


10.EQUILIBRIO en la pareja.

Reconociendo los roles y habilidades compatibles entre los 2.

Respetando el conocimiento y la experiencia de cada uno.

Das acompañamiento a las decisiones.

Es un mejoramiento continuo, a través del ceder, negociar, perdonar y avanzar.

Se vale, que en temas difíciles, no querer hacerlo.

Una relación negativa es una bomba de tiempo, no se sabe cuando va a explotar.

Querer estar en esa relación, más sano y humildes.





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un mal legado: los ahijados del Profesor Carlos Hank Gonzalez

*El “Gordo” Pesqueira +

Dr.Roberto Valdés Sr.+

*Lic.Jorge Arturo Velasco Sr. +

*Ing. Alfredo Rico

*José Cebeira +

*Dr.José Domínguez +

mismos ritos, mismas borracheras, mismas infidelidades matrimoniales, misma violencia familiar, mismos manejos financieros….

  • Doble impuesto: uno burocrático y otro en “derecho de piso”, ninguno de los 2 cobros proporciona seguridad ni mejora las condiciones comerciales diarias.
  • Desde su puesto burocrático, la codicia no tiene fin.
  • El supuesto equipo cuenta con un abogado, un operador financiero, un constructor, un profesor, un médico, para las emergencias y engaños en equipo.
  • Cada uno de ellos, son violentos con su familia, cuentan con una o varias amantes, que dependen del monto robado. Algunos hijos escogen una profesión para estafar “profesionalmente”, lógicamente por la pereza que tienen y por el dinero fácil por extorsiones.
  • Las esposas saben, pero las callan, violentamente. Algunas se convierten en cómplices.
  • Son golosos, adictos a licores caros, ropa lujosa y juguetes tecnológicos.
  • Ahora practican la estafa “ecológica”.Todo es conveniencia.



las células tóxicas se destruyen por sí mismas.