Gabriel Rico García                                   



Aim: Research and development of International Business.


Special Skills

  • Research and development of new products
  • International Commercial Strategies
  • Cultural and Fashion Event planning
  • Innovations in Art Learning Programs.


Research: Unique Latinamerican researcher presenting the lecture “Own Identity”// Catholic University// May 2007

Entrepreneurial: First consulting agency presented in the main Mexican textile fair Exintex- Puebla // 2006.

Fashion Management Research, registered titles:

  • Exporting the Mexican jewelry to Florence , Italy (03—2005-081910303800-01)
  • Organization & production of fashion fairs and runways, internal logistics. (03-2005-081910313900-01)

Business: Design and sell an accessory line for Florence 81 Boutique // Florence Italy // 1996.

Fashion show at the main textile fair as a consulting agency// Exintex // Puebla // 2006

Studies: First student of B.A. & Marketing graduated with a trilingual thesis // Marist University- Mexico City//2001.

Unique Latin-American lecturer invited to the international convention “Fashion & Social Stratification “,           presenting the essay “Own Identity” // Catholic University- Milan, Italy// 2007.

Commercial Mission / Fashion Industry/ Brazil 2004

Commercial Mission/ Fashion Industry /Poland 2010

Commercial Mission / Furniture Industry/ Spain 2010

Commercial Mission/ Fashion Industry + Gastonomy/ Italy 2006.

Commercial Mission/ Fashion, education, energy// Norway,Finland, Denmark 2015-19.

Marist Mission at Chiapas// Arts, sports and symbolism programs for the improvement of the community// May 2015.


School Degree

Business Administration and Marketing // Marist University// Mexico City 2002.

Thesis: The exporting process for Mexican silver jewelry to Florence, Italy. (in 3 languages: Spanish, English & Italian)

Fashion Technical Designer // Istituto Internazionale Del Design E Moda//Florence, Italy. 1993

Includes fibrology, trends, Art history, Fashion History, Pattern making and development of one collection.

Work Experience

  • Director Adviser EXINTEX Textile Fair// Puebla, April 2012- June 2013.
  • Renew the content of the fair through sustaintabiilty suppliers.
  • Expand the international affairs with fairs from: New Zeland, Singapore, Denmark, SouthAfrica, Australia and Brazil.
  • Share the content with the mass media in Mexico.
  • Call the national talents for their presentation in runways, during the fair.
  • Communication Manager// Asociación Alzheimer de Querétaro// Querétaro, March 2011-September 2014.
  • Ruties: Fulfill the needs of the association throught the communication with the Universities and Suppliers.
  • Expansion Manager // Calidad Dominguez Ecofriendly products// Querétaro , México January 2011
  • Duties: Development of new products related with real estate, advertising and enviromental education.
  • Commercial Representative // Couture Fashion Week // Mexico City, November 2008-September 2011.

Duties: Prepare the designers through their advertising flyers, displays, runway show, and buyer’s attendance before, during and after the fashion fair. Make a report about the fashion fairs in Mexico including: textiles, jewelry, ready to wear beachwear and invite the media to the fashion fair in NY & Palm Beach.

  • Sales consultant// Gambeta Sport Store// Mexico City 2007

Update the directory of clients, visit and receive the request of the products, offer them our catalogue of products and control the production of the promotional articles, prepare the invoices, deliver the products and make them pay the invoices.

  • Sales Representative // Sobol Productions Inc. // Mexico City & Miami, USA. 2003-2006

Duties: Prepare the designers through their advertising flyers, displays, runway show, buyers attendance before, during and after the fashion fair. Make a report about the fashion fairs in Mexico including: textiles, jewelry, ready to wear beachwear and invite the media to the fashion fair in Miami.

  • Journalist & Founder // Mediarte cultural bulletin & marketing consulting // Mexico City 2001-until present.

Find the new trends and proposals of the young designers; make a journal about their activities and achievements,

  • Journalist // Club Planet newsletter // Mexico City 2000-2002.

Write a journal about the fashion activities, cultural activities of the embassies: painting, sculpture, photography, music and any contest related.

  • Road Manager // Cervantine International Festival // Mexico October 2001.

Prepare the theatre shows of the Italian Company Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo; arrange their hotel, meals, interviews, travels, health and maintenance of the equipment and wardrobe.

  • Buyer Coordinator // Sobol Productions Inc. // Miami, USA April 2001

Enlist and invite the main buyers in Miami and Latin America for the Latin-American designers who present their collections of beachwear, readytowear and haute couture.  Organize the garments for the runway, give and receive the special guest and buyers for the runways.

  • Internship // Mexican Trade Commission // Mexico City 2000 August –2001 February:

Prepare highlights of the Financial and bank news. Review the opportunities of new business for the textile, jewelry, labor laws and economic perspectives. Organize the gatherings of the human resources and set the components for the conferences including multimedia equipment.

  • Export Manager // Silco-Maped //Mexico City June 1999.

Enlist and update the directory of foreign clients, review their request and their production, prepare the shipping and the documents, control the arrival of their products and improve the products with their remarks.

Enlist the art schools and workshops and prepare the sales force to sell our new products.

  • Salesman // Crese Advertising Agency // Mexico City 1997-1999 June.

Prepare the layout of the advertising, open new territories and get the sponsors to advertise in our release, create new maps and concepts attractive to the youth people, and make deals the fashionable places like bars, restaurants, museums and galleries.

  • Youth host// Salesian College// Florence, Italy April –December 1996

Learning programs of arts, sports and music.

  • Advertising Manager // Florence 81 Boutique // Florence Italy 1995 December- May 1996.

Plan the strategy of advertising; prepare the discounts and displays inside the store. Design their website and flyers. Import Mexican silver jewelry and export Italian silk ties.

  • Production manager assistant // Favian Vergara Fashion Designer // Mexico City 1994

Check the arrival of the supplies, understand and prepare the fabrics for their cut and sewing, prepare the displays of the store and recruit the models for the fashionshow.

  • Logistics Setter // Werner Ehard & Associates Communications // Mexico City

Prepare the conferences and brochures for the attendance, organize the appointments of the spokesman and colleagues and check the supplies for the office and coffee break.

Courses & Seminars

Permaculture // UAM Mexico City// December 2011.

Luxury Forum // Publishing Group Expansion // November 2010

Echoes of the Cacophony // Italian Cultural Centre // March, April 2009.

Fastrack Business // Fastrack Canada // February 2009

One of the Kind Ecological Business// EPIC Fair // November 2008

Fashion & Social Stratification// Catholic University, Milan Italy// May 2007

Conference: Own Identity/ Ethical Fashion.

Designing for the Mankind // Anahuac University, Mexico City // October 2005.

Trends & textures// Cotton Inc. Material World, Miami, USA // March 2003.

Development Bank, Prospective & Updating //Mexican Trade Commission Mexico City// November 2000.

Radio Production & Broadcasting Initial Course // ISERTAL, Mexico City // 2000 July

Deals of Letter Of Credit // the Arabian Chamber of Mexico & Banamex Bank Mexico City // 1999 October

Business Opportunities for the Mexican Products in Africa and Middle East // Ministry of Foreign Relations, Mexico City// June 1999.

The Challenge of the Leadership // the National University, Mexico City // December 1997.

The Art Of Speak To Audiences // La Palabra Mexico City // October 1994.

It includes body language, persuasive writing and convincing speaks.

Training in Fashion Design // Group GFT Cuernavaca Mexico // July 1993.

Preparing the runways and the invitations for the guests and buyers.

Seminar of Contemporary Fashion // Istituto Internazionale di Design e Moda, Florence, Italy // May 1993.

Updating Seminar of Textile Design // CIDI – National University, Mexico    City // 1993-1995.

These studies include: theory of color, fibrology, textiles structures, theory and practice for stamping and dyeing.

Training in Quality Management // Group GFT Cuernavaca, Mexico // July 1992.

Set and prepare the men collections, choosing the fabrics and make experiments about their ironing test and resistance.

Exportation Process Problems and Solutions// National Apparel Chamber, Mexico City // March 1992.

Interpersonal Communication on the Xx Century // Werner Ehard Mexico City // November 1991.

International Fashion Week // World Palace of Fairs, Mexico City // June 1991.


Spanish: Primary language

English: Excellent (First Certificate in English by Cambridge University)

Italian: Excellent (Certificato d’Italiano come Lingua Straniera by Universitá di Siena)

French: Intermediare Level // CUC Universitary Centre of Culture // México City

Portuguese, Mayan & Sanskrit , basic understanding.

Software: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Netscape, Corel Draw, Publisher.

Personal Refferences:

Editor-in-chief Tidalwave Films // Miami, Florida.



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