“Cualquiera que se tome demasiado en serio corre el riesgo de parecer ridículo. No ocurre lo mismo con quien siempre es capaz de reírse de sí mismo”. Václav Havel Leocadio Martín (Psicólogo). Reírnos, de nosotros mism@s es, de hecho, uno de los mejores antídotos para el estrés o la tristeza. Esta capacidad de ver el lado humorístico […]

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By Jelelle Awen Woundings from traumas do form a kind of grid over Gaia and they have a magnetic pull of their own. We could call this the “3D-4D Emotional Body Trauma” Grid. It has a rather dark, deep, and powerful energy with layers and layers to it. This is on the collective level as […]

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Galactics update with Kent Dunn May 24, 2018 ~ STAND-UP HUMANITY its TIME — Mission Galactic Freedom

ALERT:. Kent doesn’t want People to get scarred. Galactics are on this. KENT talks about 5 Nuclear SUBS that ISRAEL bought from Germany. Be AWARE that the CABAL are TRYING their one last TRICK. They had bought 5 Nuclear subs from Germany and ANGELA MERKEL has already went underground and she thinks WWIII is going […]

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By Jelelle Awen Energies picking UP! Waves coming in strong as the 5/5 gateway swings open with the help our Pleiadian star family esp. You may feel this in your body with a range from feeling tired, worn out, exhausted….to restful and peaceful. Tired moves to restful with more surrender into the BIG upgrading process […]

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En la Primera Conferencia del Seminario de Cisternino, Italia, que versó sobre el Synchronotron, Valum Votan formula una atrevida declaración: Afirma que nuestra Galaxia es la número 4851. Digo atrevida porque esta afirmación me ha estado atormentando durante ya largos 7 años. En principio me dio hasta risa, como es frecuente cuando me encuentro frente […]

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